Popular Nollywood actress, Mercy Johnson, has got fans and followers gushing after she shared a video from a game she played with her kids on social media.

The actress’ children are currently on holiday, and the mother of four, known for spending quality time with her kids despite the nature of her job, is seen in the video playing an outdoor game with them.

In the video, Mercy Johnson could be seen holding a water pipe as she filled the basins each of her children had in front of them.

She then proceeds to ask them some interesting questions, and those found guilty have to dunk their faces in the basin of water.

She asked questions like, “Who’s the kindest, smartest, who loves mummy most, who loves daddy most, etc.?”

However, Mercy Johnson’s only son, Henry’s response to the question “Who loves Mummy most?” caught the attention of netizens.

When Mercy asked her kids who loved her the most, Henry quickly dipped his head into the bowl of water before his sisters.

His gesture elicited warm reactions from social media users, who pointed out that mothers are typically their sons’ favorites between both parents.

“Sons are always mummy’s boys”, an Instagram user wrote.

Sharing the video on her Instagram page, Mercy wrote, “When I say @princeodiokojie should spank my Henry less🤣🤣🤣 you see? Lol holiday is here and I need to keep @theokojiekids busy…..more games loading…..biko recommendations for fun places for kids ….”

Watch video below,

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