A South African mother took to microblogging platform, Twitter to share how proud she is of her daughter after the latter is now a fully qualified Chartered Accountant.

The mother wrote…

I am a proud mother of a fully qualified C A #proudmommoments.

… but the proud moment certainly didn’t last long after the said daughter came to the same platform to call her out – revealing her misdeeds to not only her but also her other children.

Quoting her mother’s tweet, the daughter wrote,

Did you also mention how you physically abused me or locked me out of home on a wednesday night with nowhere to go?? How we havent spoken in a year and you showed up to your sons birthday for 25 minutes?? Or is that not social media worthy news???

Busy preaching to other people how to Parent but you are your own childrens greatest burden.

Also not here for people telling me this is not the way to tackle izindaba zasekhaya. I have carried the shame as a victim of this for over a year and this is how I choose to break my silence. I refuse to continue to be complicit in this lie through not speaking out.

Just as you’re surprised now, everyone else who’s seen her tweets have been left to wonder whether or not her actions were right but as can be seen, she chose this path to break her silence.

Your thoughts on this?

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