A Nigerian woman has tearfully narrated how her mother died as a result of domestic violence at the hands of her father.

She shared her heartbreaking story during a service at Harvesters Church, Lagos, recently.

She said she watched her father physically assault her mother on multiple occasions, resulting in a brain tumor that eventually killed her.

According to her, the experience has made it difficult for her to forgive her father, and she hasn’t spoken to him in six years.

She further disclosed that she now despises men and the idea of marriage because she had a bad experience with her father.

Her words:

“About my father, I grew up in a broken home basically and I kinda grew up with the fact that getting married is trash because I grew up with a father that is actually a domestic violent person.

“Then, I lost my mum to it. She had a brain tumour from too much hitting. For close to 6 years now I have been in denial about the fact that it didn’t hurt me and I didn’t forgive him for close to four years.

“I noticed that while I was battling with forgiving him I was travelling at work my work wasn’t moving properly. Like I would work and I won’t be able to receive what I work for and I didn’t know that that was what was happening.

“So one of these days I was watching a prayer and there was a prayer that said we had to let go. It has affected my dating life because I stay away from the gender honestly. I think I have a friend somewhere here. She could say it I’m always like I don’t want to talk about them.

“My friends are talking about marriage as I’m like “na una wan marry oh. Me e no dey my top 10 list”. I do that, I still do it. I’m sure they’re watching me live right now and they’re saying thank God she’s talking about it finally.

“I was finally able to forgive him but I have not been able to communicate with him. I haven’t had the courage to pick up my phone and call him, like I’ve not spoken to him in 6 years. I try whenever I call him it rings once he picks up the phone I end the call.”

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