Popular Nigerian dancer and singer, Korra Obidi, has accused her estranged husband, Justin Dean of stalking her.

This comes after a female cop was at her residence to conduct an inspection on her last child, Athena Dean, while stating that she got information about the toddler falling from a chair.

Korra, who shared the video of the cop visiting her home, claimed her ex-husband, Justin Dean, was behind the police visit and accused him of stalking her.

In the video, as the officer inspects Athena for any injuries, Korra tells her that Justin lied about Athena falling down.

Korra added that she gave Athena to Justin in perfect condition.

“At this point, this is stalking,” she captioned the video.

Watch below,

A while ago, Korra Obidi’s family, including her father, have taken to social media to declare their unwavering love and support for her.

Korra’s father, during a Facebook Live session on her sister Nancy’s page, took a swipe at his daughter’s estranged husband, Justin Dean, and addressed those saying Korra will never find love again.

He stated that since he found true love despite being a widower and a divorcee, his daughter, Korra, would definitely find love again.

“You have no idea what you are saying. Korra will be fine, by God’s grace. I am happy. I found true love despite being a divorcee and a widower. Korra will be fine; she will be absolutely fine. By the power of God, she will defeat that idiot,” he said.

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