Instagram blogger. Blessing Okoro yesterday sat for an interview with Daddy Freeze following the numerous embarrassing updates about and her arrest.

Blessing has revealed that she started having sex at the age of 14 and also got married and divorced while still in university .

According to Okoro Blessing, the man she started having sex with at the age of 14 and eventually dated for 4 years before they got married was `10 years older than her.

The relationship blogger who further claimed that Onye Eze who she had a face-off with over a ‘stolen house’ was arrested, further shared a video to back her claim.

She further added that the man who handcuffed her at Onye Eze’s house, was on his knees begging when he got arrested alongside Onye Eze.

Daddy Freeze shared the video with the caption;

“I started dating at 14….. I got married and divorced while still in the university….. Onyeze was invited by the police for questioning, the man who handcuffed me was on his knees begging.”

Watch the video below;


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