A Nigeria lady shared how abusive husband called mother in-law to pick up daughter’s corpse from the hospital.

Sharing on Twitter (X), the lady @BeautyByBeeola2 stated that the deceased was her  cousin, who has been complaining to her mom about her abusive marriage. Her cousin had given reasons on why she wanted to end the marriage with her abusive husband.

According to the lady, her cousin has been facing domestic violence for a long period of time in her marriage, had always wanted to leave the marriage but her mom was ignorant towards her regular complaints

She tweeted,

“Apparently, my cousin has been complaining to her mom about her marriage that she’s not doing again bla bla bla. Last week Sunday, the husband called her mom to come pick up her corpse at one general hospital with severe injuries on her body. Stay away from abusive men please”

She mentioned that the husband recently called the mom to come pick up her cousin’s corpse at the hospital. She also noted severe injuries were found on the lady’s body.

The lady added that they were perfect Christian couple outside and people were always envious of their marriage. She advised women to stay away from abusive men.

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