Nollywood Actor Michael Okon is getting married to his US based fiancee this weekend and his family, friends and colleagues in the Nollywood industry are happy for him.

Except for a number of people who was allegedly used according to top blogger Stella Dimoko Korkus!

Stella who is obviously pained by the havoc the actor allegedly caused for her friend started this story months before the news of Michael’s marriage.

“As you get married on Saturday to the friend you used, scammed wickedly for the green card, karma will visit you” SDK wrote, adding that the blood Michael ate from her friend will also judge him.

Michael has not responded to the new allegations as he prepares for his lavish wedding this weekend.


I am not done with you Mike,As you Marry on Saturday the friend of the woman you used,scammed and dumped wickedly for the green card and a nursing career,don’t forget to look out the windows everyday cos karma WILL Visit you. ..She was not the first you scammed and used and dumped and she will not be the last. What a day job. I am so pained becos of how you crafted everything. I am not her so please refund my 200k that she gave you and you called to say thank you. ….nah return the money to Karma when it comes. Remember the blood you ate from her? It will Judge u as well. You shall reap what you sow in double measures. I am done with talking about this matter. I don’t owe anyone any explanation for feeling the pain my friend feels. I wish she had listened when I warned her that scamming was his day job! Am done. May God heal the hurt my friend feels at this moment.

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