Media personality Stephanie Coker and her husband, Olumide Adenirokun are celebrating their first wedding anniversary today. They were joined together as husband and wife a year ago in Mykonos, Greece.

The couple used the occasion to grace their social media to share sweet messages of love.

Stephanie shared the photo above and wrote ;

I’d choose you all over again.
A year down, forever to go. 12/08/2017 ❤️🔒❤️ Love you Lumi.

Her Husband, Olumide Aderinokun, wrote on his own page ;

Year one down, 99 years to go. Love you more everyday my super woman @stephaniecoker

See their respective messages on Instagram to one another below ;

However reacting to the post, a follower wrote;

You couldn’t even find a clear pic of both of you?

Responding to the comment, he wrote;

@chocolah_tey so that’s your problem this morning. Frustration everywhere

@chocolah_tey however fired back and she wrote;

@doaderinokun you couldn’t find one clear picture to use. Even if na wedding pics. Shows how lazy a husband you could be. To think that u weren’t even up to a year when u were texting that Babcock girl, whatever her name is. And that’s d only one we know. Please shame on you sir!

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