A Nigerian pastor, Goodheart Val Aloysius, has warned Church members against being stingy to their pastor.

According to the clergyman being stingy to your pastor can lead to untimely death.

The Stingy Men Association of Nigeria became a viral trend on social media as some people formed the association to ensure that members are close-fisted when it comes to giving their women money.

However, Pastor Aloysius took to social media to inquire if the men’s decision to be stingy will affect the ministry and pastors.

He therefore warned members and intending members about the dangers of being stingy to pastors.

Taking to Facebook, he wrote,

“Hope this ongoing (SMAN) will not be extended to pastors and the ministry? Because to be stingy with your man of God can lead to untimely death. So be properly guided”.

In related news, Goodheart Val Aloysius has made a shocking revelation about people with more than one car, while their pastors trek.

According to the prophet, people with three cars but see their pastors trekking and do nothing about it have their days numbered and wont live long.

He further stated that church members should not be comfortable seeing their pastors without cars, but instead get them one. noting that those who feel comfortable with their pastor’s trekking without a car shouldn’t worry because their days on earth are numbered.

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