Nigerian artist, Brenda Uphopho has berated male comedians who dress like women for their comedy skits as she calls for an end to the act.

Brenda took to her Instagram page to lambaste such comedians as she states that they are exploiting the female gender for their personal gain.

She added that the act of crossdressing in comedy shouldn’t be considered as a form of art because the comedians are misrepresenting women.

Taking to Instagram, she wrote,

“Crossdressing comedians… until you mimic and caricature women in your ridiculous skits before you can “make” it abi? Reinforcing all the behaviour that aren’t true to all women, exploiting the all of heir expressions. Nobody should tell me it’s art o!”

“It’s odious puppertery and it’s gone on for way too long.. Mama Tobi, zicsaloma and co.. it’s enough..
Display your craft in your own gender if you can.. if you are really that funny.. we should get it.. with your sub par talent and pedestrian mimicry disguised as entertainment. KMT”

See her post below,

Meanwhile, netizens have disagreed with her opinion because female comedians also dress like men in their skits. According to them, crossdressing in comedy is a normal thing and shouldn’t be blown out of proportion like she did in her post.

See some comments below,

aeesha_bella wrote, “Taaoma and Maraji dress and act like men too we love them like that👏👏Aunty rest in Jesus name! Amen.”

Actor, Junior pope wrote, “Wahala everywhere , Fingers Pointing And Tables Burnt on a daily…… I see nothing ABSOLUTELY nothing wrong in that…..Some female comedians also dress as men for the hustle and Art…….Pls love and light”

Actress, Destiny Amaka wrote, “It’s really not that serious 😂 i dnt get, is it because they are now buying cars and houses? Hian”

Topman_tech wrote, “It’s mainly for entertainment.its not that deep. If these comedians arent making it big in this. Would you have complained too??”

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