Mary Remmy-Njoku tells

Nollywood actress, Mary Remmy-Njoku has advised Nigerians to stop bothering God with their prayers and instead vote on Saturday, February 25.

The mother of three stated this in a post shared on her Instagram page, while speaking on the upcoming general election.

She said despite all the prayers Nigerians offer for the nation, God has never punished bad politicians in Nigeria.

Mary Remmy-Njoku tells

She added that despite the large number of churches and mosques in the country, Nigeria is still plagued with issues such as lack of food, infrastructure, health care, roads, and others.

According to her, Nigeria will continue to fail if people keep choosing spiritual solutions rather than physical solutions to the country’s problems.

Mary Remmy-Njoku tells

Mary wrote,

“Dear Nigerians
We have physical problems.
Stop invoking spiritual solutions.
Nigeria has a high number of churches and mosques so we have plenty anointing.
But we don’t have food, infrastructure, security, health care, roads and physical justice.
Jesus fed the crowd with physical bread n fish. Not Spiritual
Even with all our prayers
God still never punish the bad politicians. Isn’t this a sign that we should stop disturbing him with our physical problems!
If you don’t want him, vote Against him on Saturday!!!

‘God will not let him win’ 🤣🤣
Are you joking? God is aware of the suffering and killings. He let them happen.

See below,

Mary Remmy-Njoku tells

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