Controversial On Air Personality, Daddy Freeze, has asked those celebrating Christmas to stop fooling the world into believing it’s Christ’s birthday.

Daddy Freeze replies Akpororo

He said they were actually celebrating a pagan god, Nimrod’s birthday.

Freeze was reacting to a video where an American pastor, Brother Benx disagreed with Christmas and Easter celebration, stating that there was no biblical documentation to back up such dates.

The OAP added that birthdays are pagan rituals under pagan gods and not of Christian origin. He went further to add that Christ never celebrated his birthday or any birthday at all.

He wrote on Instagram, “You can’t just conjure up a date and fool the world into believing it’s Christ’s birthday when it’s actually Nimrod’s birthday that coincides with the winter solstice of the druids and pagans.

“Christ never celebrated his birthday or any birthday at all, so why bring him into your pagan rituals and under your pagan gods?

“At the request of pagan ruler Herod Antipas step daughter Salome, at his birthday party, John the Baptist was beheaded.

“Birthdays are of pagan, NOT Christian origin! Celebrate your birthdays all you want, JUST KEEP CHRIST OUT OF IT!”



  1. This aguement sounds so narrow minded.
    I know of thousands of people from South Sudan, who were born during a period of intense war and there were no records of their birthdays. The majority decided, when they were requested to register their birth to use 1st December. They are happily celebrating their birthdays and nobody else’s…
    The date of birth of Jesus Christ may not be 1st January but Christian accepted that date as is and are celebrating happily…
    No one I know that celebrates December 25th mentions the name of a pagan god or goes to a shrine to worship pagan gods,,,
    The intention might be pagan worship, I but the practice is Christ being celebrated….

    By the way… Who cares what it is,, I as long as your intentions are right….

  2. What is your name Aop. We are not celebrating date but Jesus, that there was a day a saviour was born ok. The unity of the church was what brought out the date, that we should celebrate our saviour every 25th of December. The reason for Christmas is Jesus not the date.

  3. And who has the right to fix a date for the worship of a god in Gods own creation in the first place??? See, we’re gods and we decide, if not for this Godly inspiration people will continue to worship one foolish Nimrod, dude, you have a poor level of spiritual enlightenment and for you to argue this shows you’re not as intelligent as you appear to be.

  4. Actually this Christmas of a thing does not exist even this Sunday worship is not recorded in the Bible we are have all gone wrong an do what man said than what God said all this law was impose on earth by one man from Roman empire that sees himself like God he came an change what that is in the Bible he came an change Sabbath day to Sunday and make they pagan festival to be called Christmas I have red the history an I believe it the truth so there’s not like Christmas or Xmas

  5. Christmas day, is beautiful cos we celebrate Christ thoygh everyday, and not the date.Remember when the Israelites caught the Amalekites and Joshua prayed for the sun not to go down and the sun did not go down for another 24 hours and yes Saturday passed into Sunday and the world did not notice. Why is OAP freeze talking about this now. I’ve known all these facts right from Sunday school as a boy so all these stuff is no news at all.


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