Doctor advises

A doctor has advised Nigerians and religious leaders to stop demonizing Caesarean Section (CS) because there’s nothing wrong with it.

@drpenking gave this admonition on Twitter, while recounting the sad story of how a woman in labour lost her baby and womb because she refused to undergo CS.

He said the woman had an obstructed labour and was advised to do CS to save her life and that of the baby but she refused because her pastor told her she will ‘deliver like the Hebrew women’.

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Sadly, she developed more complications in the process, the baby died in her uterus and her womb had to be evacuated.

Reacting, Dr Penking urged Nigerians to stop criticizing CS because it’s a life-saving procedure and doesn’t make a woman less of a woman.

He tweeted,

“She had an obstructed labour. The Doctor on call decided on CS. She said that her pastor told her that she’ll deliver “like the Hebrew women” and besides they don’t use to do CS in her family. She asked to be taken to church. She was later rushed back to the hospital

She had had uterine rupture with total myometrial and serosal disruption. Baby was floating in the peritoneum, dead. Uterus was bleeding like an ocean and could not be repaired . It was removed . The child was her first child. She lost her first child and lost her womb for life.

Stop demonizing CS. It is a life-saving procedure and nothing is wrong with it. For all pastors who keep making women lose their children by telling them lies, God will ask you on your dying bed.

CS does not make you less of a woman.
Having CS doesn’t mean you are a weakling
Having CS doesn’t make you inferior
Stop demonizing CS”

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