In the afternoon hours of today, images emerged online of an Owl that was allegedly killed inside Lagos market, after it was branded a “witch“.

The controversial media personality reacts to the effect by sharing the above photo of the Owl, and saying people should stop going to churches that blame everything on evil spirits.

He wrote:

“Stop going to those stupid churches that tell you to kill owls and cats! ~FRZ

Look at this backward thinking, vapid headed people, posing proudly with the carcass of a poor bird they killed, because of their benighted dogma, which labeled the poor creature a witch.

If there was any justice in the World, these morons would be behind bars, but living in a 3rd world country only serves to fuel these acts of cruelty.

According to an eyewitness report; “So I was inside the Ikotun market today to get some foodstuff when I heard people shouting blood of Jesus, some speaking in tongues. I turned back to see this beautiful owl trying to escape from a shop. The man in this picture hacked it down with a thick rod. Everyone said it is a witch in bird form.”

It’s just an Owl guys, it’s not that serious, stop killing Nigeria’s birds and stop going to those stupid churches that blame everything on evil spirits”



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