A Nigerian doctor has wowed a lot of people after he took to his social media page to tell ladies to have intercourse while having their monthly menstrual period.

The doctor, one Dr Emmanuel took to Twitter to advise women not to starve their men of sex during their menstrual cycle. He wrote:

Try not to starve your partner of sex during your mentrual period as a woman. There are advantages of having sex during your period.

Although it can get messy anyways, but then it can reduce the duration of the period, relief cramps to an extent, and you should use a CD!

Hey guys! Before your rage wears a dirty pant, please know that it’s optional… Some people do it anyways!

He continued;

Question time? ⌚ Prevent infection and pregnancy and try as much as you can to keep it tidy, hence the shower is a good place under running water… You know I don’t know anything right? So please don’t take this personal. It’s all about facts in science. ☺️



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