US-based Nigerian businessman Francis Van-Lare, has taken to his social media page to share some words of advice for single women.

Van-Lare, who has been married and divorced five times, advised women to stop using too much makeup as men like natural look. He also admonished people to change their partners and jobs if they are not happy.

His Facebook post reads ;

“As the year is coming to an end , if the last three years have been more of the same things and you are not happy then try something new,” he wrote.

“Change your husband, wife, lover, job. Your wanting to leave your country for greener pastures abroad when the ‘green’ is where you are standing on but you are not looking

“Stop using too much makeup as that could be why you are still single. Men like natural look. Live within your means as that could be why you are also broke

“The list is long so please search yourself and shed the extra baggage you are carrying so that it does not follow you in 2022”

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