A woman identified as Happiness Clement has shared a touching story of love and endurance with many on Facebook.

She shared the story of a man and woman who have been dating her boyfriend (with marriage preparations on the way) for the past 12 years.

The girl has given many an idea what true love should be all about as they get set to marry.

Clement wrote:

“Never look down on your relationship. Because you feel the guy is not worth dating you or he’s poor or don’t have a car or big houses, all you have to do is believe in a better tomorrow. All that matters is the word LOVE.”


Her post has elicited many responses from people.

“Thank God the guy is able to stick with the lady when things got better. When money comes before some guys will realize u are not their class or before they ll suddenly realize their mother doesn’t like u or they have accidentally impregnated another girl and they are forced to marry her or it is now that the pastor thinks they are not meant for each other. But when they were hustling they were meant for each other!” someone commented.

Another added:

“Well I just pray for God to give me man I can willingly pound yam for because most guys this days deserve Indomie without egg. Talking from experience my ex is a graduate but had no job. I was with him for some month but he’s just relax and feel money will fall from heaven. Am a gal I have needs will I be working with Eco Bank and Zenith bank paying me? Even as we broke up he hasn’t gotten a job till date. So, what will be will be. Money is not everything but I would rather cry inside my range Rover.”



    • But you can change him in 12 days ABI? But you can date a Suger Daddy for as long as he has the money to bozz. Yeye dey smell you😏😏😏😏👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👆👆👆👆👆👆👆👆💣💣💣💣💣🐲🐲🐲🐍🐍🐍🐍

    • Who is dis one?… Some people can be very foolish ooo… Did I say anything about sugar daddy, poor guy or rich guy….did I even mention anything about money…

  1. Talking about dating a guy for 12 years it is not when you are already 28. Such relationships could start from secondary school lovy, lovy.lol. looking at their pix I am pretty sure it was love letter relationship before they got their footing.

    If you are lucky to marry each other finally, you will cherish the sacrifice.

    Abeg no be when you don reach 25+ ooo, na only you carry come oo.

  2. Yaba left! yaba left!! Yaba left!!!… How many times I call una ??…yesterday una tell me say na 7yrs today nw e don turn 12 yrs …yaba left maka ‘Y’??

  3. Dating for 12yrs? Hmmmm u two should go for Thanksgiving for ur 12yrs anniversary… of Time wasted ie if u two did not get married at d end….12 good yrs …people can b unbelievable…

  4. Well, very gud one cos I’m a living testimony too, 12 years I dated, and 4 years into marriage, making 16 years. Its amazing i must tell u,so I understand them very well.

    • Its a wow experience dear but its not always easy cos a lot of people see you as being foolish. Mine was 11years and 12 years in marriage, we are first lovers, best of friends and u know nah, there is always awesome freeness and a lot of old gists to share.

    • It’s not o my sister. Wow, 12 years in marriage, dts great. U get to talk abt anything cos u both are best friends. I dey follow u for back o. The truth is once u find that special person, every other thing is irrelevant cos people wil talk, parents wil even complain and ask if he’s the only man on earth, but stick to ur heart and u get to shame side talks God helping u both get married.

  5. Try and get facts pls.They are happily married with a kid,celebrated I think 4yrs anniversary lately.check ur inbox for the name

  6. Let me guess, this is suppose to be an inspiration to some girl right? To stick to a dude for 12 years or more because maybe he will marry you. OK, make dem kwontinue.

  7. It is funny to date for 12 years, when they started I believe they when teenage but while they become adolescent and young people they should have become married not trying to keep a long record of relationship.

  8. Really ? I should be a relationship or engage for 12 years haha haha haha haha abeg o I no be lord of the ring….after suffering and staying wit him sacrifices wen he wants to marry my face will be so old for him…he will go and marry someone that he has not even dated up to 4 months story……..is there luck sha girls pls don’t listen to this ooo how can u date someone to 12 yes assuming u are 25 u will get married in 3o sumtin people dey ……lolx


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