Omu-Aran (Kwara) – A 20-year-old senior secondary school student, Moji Agboola, died on Wednesday in Omu-Aran, Kwara, after taking poison.

The deceased, an SS1 student died at Adeyemo Hospital in the town due to complications in her body system as a result of the poison.

The girl was rushed to the hospital by her mother, Abigel, about three weeks ago. The deceased was said to have taken poisonous substance after she failed her promotion examination.

“It was the deceased’s sister who first gave us the clue to her sickness before she later confessed to the act at the hospital,” Abigel said at her residence on Thursday.

The deceased was initially taken to Christ Apostolic Church, Ori-Oke Irapada, along Omu-Aran-Ilofa Road for prayers and deliverance.

The prophet in-charge of the church, Christopher Owolabi, said a prayer team was quickly organised for the deceased, before she was taken to the private hospital for treatment.

It was at the hospital that she was confirmed dead. Meanwhile, a middle-age trader, simply identified as Iya Ayo, was also rushed to Omu-Aran General Hospital on Wednesday evening, for taking substance believed to be poison.

The mother of two, who lived around Orolodo area of the town, was said to have complained severally over her husband’s inability to offset their rent arrears.

A doctor at the hospital, who preferred anonymity, said at the hospital on Thursday that the woman was responding to treatment.



  1. May her gentle soul rest in perfect. But i find difficult to believe dat, dats her reason for killing herself. (1) An SS1 girl in a sch in festac, drank sniper n died, bcos she was pregnant n couldnt tell her parents. (2) This girl might be a housegirl, must have gone thru so much n her only way out was to take her life (3)This girl must have been raped b4 n couldnt stand d sight of d ppl dat raped her n she couldnt tell anyone. (4)This girl might have joined bad company in sch n ard her neighbourhood n was wrongly advised by her mates. Bcos d other one dat drank sniper in festac was adviced by her frds dat it gets rid of unwanted pregnacy. So, parents, pls always be your children ‘s best frds. So dat they tell u everything. Ask them ques about d opp sex in a friendly manner, find out how dey r coping with their studies, try to kn their frds n their parents n always show ur children love. May God help us all.

    • Thank u all my beautiful girls for contributing positively. Without a girl child d world 🌎 is not complete. Lets try n make our girl child our best frds, educate them n introduce our children to Jesus christ early. # I STAND WITH GIRLS!

  2. As parents our children need our love and encouragement.Don’t talk them down in the public or in the presence of their friends

  3. No she no suppose kill her self na if she no know book today they are still greater opportunity for her to even know more tomorrow na . May God have mercy on her soul. R.i.p


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