A Ugandan man, simply identified as Simon, has passionately appealed to veteran actor Pete Edochie to reach out to him, claiming he’s his biological son.

Simon, in a video that’s currently making the rounds online, alleged that his mother had an affair with a Nigerian when she visited the country and worked as a maid in 1984, which resulted in his pregnancy.

He claimed his mother returned to Uganda pregnant, but she was never able to show him his biological father before her demise.

He said many have, however, pointed out his resemblance to veteran Nigerian thespian Pete, which makes him strongly believe that they are related.

He begged Pete Edochie to come for him if he’s truly his biological father.

“I am from Kampala, Uganda. My mother told me in 1984, she went to Nigeria and worked as a housemaid, and came back to Uganda when she was pregnant. She gave birth to a son and that’s me. Up till now, I haven’t had the chance of meeting my biological father.

Many people that come to me tell me that I resemble Pete Edochie. Sir Pete Edochie my mother died but you are still alive, if you are still there, and you know you are my father please come for your son. I am struggling, life isn’t good in Kampala, Ugandan”. He said.

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