The Kardashians are said to have reportedly gone hard on a plastic surgeon who has been offering his patients what he has dubbed the ‘Kardashian Facelift’.

According to documents obtained by TMZ, the Kardashians have had their attorney hound Dr. Gary Eldridge and demand that he quit using their name to promote his fibrin protein treatment.

In an attempt to fight his corner, the Australian doctor has filed documents to trademark the procedure in the U.S.

It’s alleged the surgeon has insisted that the treatment is not at all connected with the famous family and is actually the name of his family dog.

The Kardashian’s lawyer reportedly refused to accept the doctor’s claim and informed him in a very affirmative letter that the family already holds countless trademarks on its name, in all matter of fields, from beauty to advertisements, which Dr. Eldridge is infringing upon.

It’s believed the surgeon has since dropped his trademark application and has removed the Kardashian name from his procedure, instead calling it simply a ‘Fibrin Facelift’.

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