Some suspected gays were reportedly apprehended by men from the Borno state police command who were intending to organise a gay wedding ceremony in the state.

According to one Mohammed Tijjani, the suspects were arrested in the Gwange area of the state on Saturday, April 16. 

Sharing photos of the suspects on Facebook, he thanked the councillor of Mashamari ward in Jere Local Government Area of the state, Hon. Ibrahim Burma shuwa, and the DPO of Gwange Division for bringing the suspects to book.

“Homosexuality is a taboo in the culture of kanem BORNO and whole world at large, the punishment from religion perspectives of both Muslim and Christians are severe resulting to killing etc, Remember sodom and Gomara of Biblical era, where a whole nation was turned upside down.

My heart beats increased rapidly, when one turned and look back at the security situation of BORNO state, so sympathetic. Well, my question to these young devils is, of this horrible act, do they know the consequences of such act ? Do they pity innocent victims of the insurgency, where thousands and hundreds die while some are displaced, with permanent injuries ,and ,many more missing, for God sake, do they want sadom and gomara punishment to be repeated in these insurgent devastated state ?

Wallahi we ought to thank Hon Councillor of Mashamari ward Hon Ibrahim Burma shuwa, and the DPO Gwange Division for acting quickly, intervened and arrested the culprits. It was learnt that the guys arrested were planning to organise a big Gay marriage ceremony.

My dear, while these shameful act are comitted ,our Caring Governor of BORNO state his Excellency professor Babagana Umara Zullum Fnse,Mni was busy assisting the displaced community, While corrupt and undesirable elements in the society are busy thinking otherwise. I SWEAR, NA RANTSE DA ALLAH, no group or evil people can succeed in destroying the present government of Professor, Babagana UMARA ZULLUM , FNSE,MNI, Because of the genuine intention which is built by transparency and better accountable governance.” He wrote.

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  1. This is madness, out of all the problems Nigeria as a country have, all your little dum brain could think of is to arrest citizens, for no crime.they a stated that they weren’t gay.. Even if they are gay they born this way, they can’t change that.soon or later this will destroy alot in this country .Homophobic and racism has to stop

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