A Nigerian Twitter user has narrated how two suspected kidnappers were arrested after their ex-victim identified them at a bank in Abia state.

According to the Twitter user identified as @SultanofAba who bemoaned the rate of kidnapping in the country revealed that three weeks after a kidnap victim escaped from her abductors she spotted the leader of the gang at MCC junction in Aba.

She quickly alerted security operatives who arrested him, after the suspect was tortured by a military officer he confessed and revealed his gang members.

They were said to have collected ransom from the woman’s husband twice but refused to release her and kept her as their leaders wife, till she managed to escape from their den.

Narrating the incident, with a video of the suspected kidnappers, the Twitter user wrote,

“I can go on and on, another’s wife was raped, after paying Ransom 2times they refused to release, her , their leader kept her as wife in the bush, what saved her was another man that was kidnapped, F- sars came for him, some of the kidnappers escaped, some killed 👇🏾

3 weeks after her release she went to the bank at MCC junction in Aba, and saw the leader, came to withdraw money, long story short, he was arrested after she described some things wey na only the nigga know for his body, 1 slap from Army, nigga begin confess, 👇🏾

Nigeria is going back to that old time they kidnap you for recharge card, BTW, the kidnappers are from 17 to 22 yrs,if you are expecting above this age you are making mistake (ofcourse there are older kidnappers) but not alot, kids doing it,and they are trigger happy. stay safe.

Below are the bastards after their arrest, you can watch, listen to their ages and how they operate, but I’m sorry I can’t post photos of my friend with pellets holes all over his back😢, they shot him with what we call Awka made (locally made gun), I still feel sad about it.

See this kind of dude in a shopping mall,or resturant, even along the road, how would you know he is a kidnapper? No where is safe, I can tell you this, I have been juctioned before at a market called afule in Aba, the only thing that saved me was one of the knew me. long story”.

Watch videos below,

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