Symply Tacha has finally spoken after her disqualification from the Big Brother Naija House yesterday, after a biter fight with Mercy in the early hours of yesterday.

A statement from Tacha obtained by YabaLeftOnline reads;

Dear Titans,

Words cannot readily express how much your love and acceptance means to me at this point. Even my imperfection could not sway your support.

Coming out of the Big Brother House disqualified was never my intention. Unfortunately, my weakness played against my strength and cut short what should have been a grand ending, with or without the prize.

I sincerely apologize for every action on my part that led to this point and I take full responsibility for it all.

I am an adult and ought to be in control of my emotions, but I’m human and I failed time and again. Please forgive me. I sincerely wanted to make it, at least to the 99th day.

The fight to be seen and heard takes its toll on everyone of us irrespective of where, when or how it comes. What counts is what we make out of a seemingly ugly situation.

I know I need to work on my emotional health… That’s a fact as I have become conscious of it now. Being on this show has shown me that, I am not just a work in progress but I have the chance to become a better me on all fronts, if I give myself the chance to heal.

And this I promise to give due diligence.

So for what you have been to me, I heard some of you even cried and held vigil for me. I cannot thank you enough. You all became my mother, friends and family and this means so much to me right now. Your prayers, time and resources spent to push me through to this point cannot be quantified in any form, but i sincerely thank you from the depth of my heart.

Against the odds, you all are the reason why I stand and remain hopeful that everything will fall into place, that I can make it through this storm and come out on the sunny side in time.

My social media official handles are open and I can be reached there for now.

Thank you Titans, Thank you to everyone who supported me privately and openly, Thank you Africa, Thank you Nigeria, THANK YOU WORLD!

I saved the best for last. Thank you to the organizers of Big Brother Nigeria for this platform, it may not have ended as I hoped and wanted, but it gave me the opportunity to rise. It was worth it and for this reason, I am grateful.

Biggie, @bigbronaija Thank you!




  1. No leave , no transfer. U letter seems unbelievable that its coming from you but its accepted and we wish u get to ur dreams. Good luck dear tacha

  2. Tacha, u walking out of that door without the money was one of the hardest, painful and heartbreaking thing I ever had to watch! Despite ur flaws girl I still love you….. I am ready to fight a thousand for you….. We pray u be a better person, we pray u find favour in God’s sight, we pray for better days and healing, I can feel ur pain, we are pained too! Finally I pray for God’s grace to carry ur cross, our Cross!!! I will forever be a Titan, I pledge my loyalty and honesty, by u I’ll forever stand….. As u fall , u will rise! There’s no failure it’s either u win or u learn… Ermah cares 😘😘

  3. The write up is obviously not coming from Tacha, because she’s not very articulate enough to put this together. She carries bad energy which is quite harmful. Her co-housemate Mike warned her before hand, but she was so complasant and felt no one could advise her.
    She still has time to learn and mend her ways or continue in her arrogant life style.

  4. I know someone adviced to do this,because tacha I know won’t try this or should I take it you have learnt your lesson, hmm so quick

  5. Tasha l think you must have learnt that though we are human but honestly don’t ever allow your emotions to betray you to your detriment. Learnt to control your emotions and temper and get along with people whatever it cost you. Good luck for future.

  6. We’re all humans, no one is perfect, if everyone is against you, God is always there for you my dear, I love you tacha, when the going gets tough, the tough always get going, the whole world is celebrating you and that’s a sign of victory…

  7. It’s NOT God’s wish. Thank God she is able to locate the problem. God help her to make ammend in future so that she doesn’t jeopardize a good life. She was doing well in the house, people love her, all the aces were hers to grab but she lost it cheaply on uncontrollable anger thinking she can get anything without character & good manners.

  8. I read through the lines and am satisfied that you identified every challenge, be encouraged and trust the Holy Spirit to do this work of great transformation. Keep growing and keep rising and winning.

  9. Apology accepted, you still have time to work on yourself. The future is bright, put your trust in God and lean not on your own understanding. More grace.

  10. God is still on ur Syd my love
    No seems to understand u but believe me there is a reason for everything in life.. More grace, more blessings ND more success IJN.. #SAMHEARTYOUPLENTY

  11. Dont be worried dear,i think that’s how Almighty wants it,,,,stay strong and more stronger than u’ve ever been before….we love yhuuuuuuuu

  12. U lack manner tacha u almost have issue with everybody, pride is your problem.
    You fall hand for all men that expected to marry you after the end of bbn
    This my WHATSAPP no. 08100336480
    Call me for your advice am radio OAP

  13. In every situation we give thanks
    And always remember no one is perfect
    Dont lose hope you have a fantastic future ahead of you love you

  14. Hmmmm! Tacha can’t even spell words correctly, how much more writing a constructive letter like this. Thanks to her manager. Pls take her to rehab

  15. Am glad you realized that you need to work on your emotional health. It’s very important and will help you with your life especially in dealing with people. As a buisness woman who hopes to grow higher, you must learn to deal with people diplomatically and in a mature manner. It’s not all about the cash baby girl, and though people may not always speak good about you no matter how good you are, it is impertinent that you do your part and keep a clean slate. All the best baby girl.

  16. Tacha’s writing or not all that matters is that this statement represents Tacha’s present feelings, here this lady owns up to her mistakes and accepts all correction yet , you still want to crucify her at this stage of failure.. I am not a taitan, i am not her fan.. But i respect her for owning up and taking responsibility even if its not entirely her fault..which i know a lot of you will never do..She’s a better person for that. Remember she is not perfect , we can only make mistakes, and again learn from our mistakes. Even if someone had adviced her to write this, just for this alone , She is bold,courageous and humble. Its typical of us humans to want to bring down others even in their lowest level.

    Tacha for you i’m glad you acknowledged your flaws, we all have flaws,embrace yours and start working on them. you are indeed a great woman. Keep moving on in life,remain positive, resilient, respectful, focused,and humble. you’ll go far in life. God has better plans for you,for every experience there’s a great lesson, take it that God is taking you through a process, like you rightly said you are a work in progress, we all are too. Have a Great life Tacha,
    . you’ll go far in life. Better opportunities awaits you.

  17. No b tacha type this thing abeg.someone must have adviced her to do this and typed for her as well.but all d same as she gree tk d advice..gud for her..but work on ur body join,no b only ur emotional wishes

  18. Tacha I love u so much and appreciate everything every human as their flaws we are just managing each other u are the reason why I had to watch big brother naja even though I don’t have anything to offer u, u are the best 😘👑

  19. I hate Mercy just for one thing, exposing the health issue of tacha to the public,she will not be a good virtuous woman.even at the point of fight she is not supposed to use her health against her,dou tacha didn’t try, forget is a show but everyone is showing there real character.tacha smells and so,do you think you don’t have a health challenge too .Mercy this is Where God will be angry with you.You are an adult too and has the power to resist every temptation coming your way too, you have to join tacha and go, you didn’t try at all.because she smells that is why you guys hate her and she has a bad mouth because she didn’t want anyone to use her health issue against her.

  20. I hate Mercy just for one thing, exposing the health issue of tacha to the public,she will not be a good virtuous woman.even at the point of fight she is not supposed to use her health against her,dou tacha didn’t tr .Just forget that is a show ,but everyone is showing their real character here.Tacha smells and so,do you think you don’t have a health challenge too .Mercy this is Where God will be angry with you.You are an adult too and has the power to resist every temptation coming your way too, you have to join tacha and go, you didn’t try at all.because she smells that is why you guys hate her and she has a bad mouth because she never wanted anyone to use her health issue against her.

  21. talking nonsense. u dont need a chance cos u can never change. how many times were u forgiven in the house still u never bothered. i beg go and sit fown

  22. Altitude and character are true reflections of who you are,pls work on them both,your emotions is even the smartest thing you need to work on. SEYI is in that house with his pedigree his still very humble.

  23. Abeg comot for here.person wey dey left handed no dey that your first fight in the house? Biggie even advised you at the diary session

  24. I’ve Begin to think that bigi has shown her all the green light that she’s gonno be the winner with that her arrogant attitude.
    Don’t even have a problem with the body odour scandal but ur attitude is more stinkingly smelling than your so called body odour. Biko

  25. Honestly we are not happy with u people of portheartcourt city all our hope is on u Tasha why but I no Jehovah God no better than us who see out

  26. She shud show herself on TV set to see her when she apologized bcus I don’t think tacha wrote this but its OK u r b forgiven and it a lessons to dose who ve same flaws like u to learn bcus character is life.

  27. I don’t watch bbn but becos of what I have been hearing about tacha, I started watching it, girl U are so so rude, self centred, arrogant we are not all perfect but please work on Ur self,with dis kind of character U can not end up with a man or a family, or may be that military man U are dating fits you, and also stop bleaching ,I believe dats the cause of ur body odour,I wish U well .

  28. @symply_Tacha ily no matter what,i hope somehow you’ll see my comments and post via fb (Nke Chi). Ydk me but I’ll defend you like a sister💕💅

  29. It’s gonna dear. I believe you’ve learnt a big lessons. You are very good. The only thing you need is to stop getting angry so quickly. Try and overlook petty things. I am praying for you and I believe the sky is your stepping stone. It gonna be ok. We love you.

  30. This is what anger and egocentricity do. They put you into trouble and make you regret later; they are the devil to successes. Most times, the solemn promises when the effects of these devils seem short lived. So, it remains to be seen if Tacha has truly turned a new live. All the same, I wish you more greatness in future.


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