An X(Twitter) influencer who identifies @Morris_Monye has called out Medical practitioners at Lagos University Teaching Hospital after a friend of his lost her sister to cancer at the hospital.

In a tweet he shared on the platform, he wrote that his friend had informed him about the doctors not caring about her sister.

His tweet read;

“So yesterday my old colleague’s sister goes live on IG and she’s so distraught calling out LUTH. Recall I made a tweet about huge incidence of cancer amongst young people Back story: Her youngest sister has cancer, was admitted at LUTH and the case got so bad that she became unresponsive. So she raises alarm on IG and calls them out and it was just a sight to behold. We had done an intervention around December 2023 for the sister and we hoped all would be fine After seeing the IG live, I reach out to the other sister (my fmr colleague) and enquire what and what is going on. She talks about how doctors in LUTH didn’t give a damn etc. So I ask the costs of drugs etc so we can start an intervention and send money, when I’m back in town, I will go straight to LUTH to see Today, she’s no more. She’s dead. The sister goes live again on IG in serous tears and you can hear the non-challant behavior of the doctors and staff in the background. Almost like they are so used to death and it’s one of those things. Are these things normal? I feel so pained.”

Other internet users however joined the influencer in calling out the medical organization while sharing stories of how they lost their loved ones in the facility as well.

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