Nigerian social media was thrown into a frenzy on Monday evening when the explicit tape of controversial crossdresser, James Brown hit the internet.

Netizens were thrilled to find out about the sexual orientation of the self-acclaimed “Princess of Africa” and had so much to say after seeing the video.

James Brown’s sexuality became a topic of discussion and in light of it, netizens dug up an old post of his when he was back in the United Kingdom and he revealed he had been sex starved for months.

James Brown’s post at the time, made people question his sexual orientation — as people thought whether he fulfills his sexual urges with a man or woman.

He wrote in his post, “Can you believe it’s been 3 months last since I last had s*x 😩😩😩Uk & kongi is 5 & 6 😭 i Need _____”

Well, with the release of his explicit tape which clearly shows the crossdresser performing sexual acts with a female individual, netizens can probably put the thought to rest on the socialite’s sexual orientation.

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