Nollywood actress, Lily Afegbai has advised her fans against tattooing her name or photo on their body, but rather they should gift her a Range Rover or G-Wagon.

 Lily Afegbai tells

The actress made this submission while reacting to the ongoing tattoo saga in the entertainment industry.

She noted that it is a fan’s choice to decide if he/she wants to tattoo their favourite celebrities. However, she made it clear that she won’t give the person any special reward if they ink her name on their body.

Lily maintained that she doesn’t want the tattoo kind of fan love, but the Range Rover, G-Wagon and other exotic cars kind of love because it won’t profit her in anyway.

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In other news, Actress Lilian Afegbai has asked men who are already in a relationship to ”please avoid her” because she does not want ”wahala”.

She sent the note of warning while advising women to be wise when they find out they have a cheating partner.

In an apparent reaction to the sad story of the makeup artist who was killed by her boyfriend’s lover, Lilian via her stories told ladies that a man who loves his woman would never put her in uncomfortable positions.

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