Tboss visits Family in Romania

TBoss visited her Romania family to celebrate the Easter holiday.

The 34-year-old former reality star, model and actress, jetted out of Nigeria to Europe to spend Easter with her family members.

According to the Edo-born beauty, she has not seen them in over two years.

Pictured below is her mum, her younger sister, her niece and her sister’s fiance, and also her mum’s family.

She wrote:

“#Flashback To a couple of day ago when I went to spend the Easter with My Family in Romania .

“Even though their own Easter is gonna be this weekend. I Hadn’t Seen these Bunch in over 2 years.

“Yeah it was Brief but it was totally worth it. Wished @miss_goldilocks & @christhova were present then we would have been Complete.

“Someday though… Ps: For some reason, nobody seems to have caught on that I was the one in this very first photo- everyone thought it was Wendy- Do we really look that much alike?”

Tboss visits FamilyTboss visits FamilyTboss visits FamilyTboss visits Family


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