Temmie Ovwasa accuses

Controversial singer, Temmie Ovwasa has thrown a jab at Nigerian parents who believe getting tattoos or funky hairstyles will ruin their children’s lives.

Temmie Ovwasa accuses

The openly queer singer, in a post shared on Twitter, accused Nigerian parents of being responsible for ruining their children’s life with their abusive and manipulative parenting style.

According to her, the only reason why many children are still in their parents’ lives is because they are unable to admit that they were abused.

Temmie emphasized that many Nigerian parents are responsible for ruining their children’s lives, not tattoos or hairstyles.

She tweeted,

“Nigerian parents will ignore their inability to show affection, lack of introspection, the abusive/manipulative parenting and say it’s tattoos/hairstyles that will ruin ur life.
No, u did!
A lot of u only have ur kids around because of their inability to admit that they were abused.”

See her tweet below,

Temmie Ovwasa accuses

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