Popular Nigerian Crossdresser, Bobrisky shared his throwback photo from ten years ago as he revealed he was suffering with no mother to care.

He wrote:

“Dis was me ten yrs back suffering with no mother to care for me ��. I lost my mum few month before dis pic. Out of my suffering I still struggled to sponsor myself to university of Lagos. I study accounting….At dis time of me depression was living inside me but I choose to overcome it. Where are the Nigeria police to help me then �, where are the federal govt then to provide job opportunity to the fresh graduates. Now people wanna judge me �. I choose not to be anything to make money such as Robery,fraudsters, killer etc…. but hustle hard with wat I know. If u don’t want God punish u just leave Bobrisky alone !!!!!. Now I’m a millionaire everybody wanna be a judge �‍⚖️. Pls be careful. If u don’t like my page pls just use ur unfollow button I beg u. Love u”

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  1. My darling bobrisky the world Itself is cruel with cruel people dwelling on it, every human on earth has his/her story to tell even me writing to you. My past life story is worst than yours but I breakthrough through patient,prayers, Grace and mercy of God.we all are creatures from the living God,,, we are not the owners of ourselves because one day shall come when all fresh shall stand before the throne of the Almighty for judgement and we shall give account of our lives that day.I can’t judge you but my kindly advice is you to try make change effort and leave the rest to God. I will pray for you that God will help you.

  2. No one can judge u my dear bobrisky,but all I will tell u is that hell is real and heaven is real.choose u D’s day who u will follow and where u will spend ur eternity. God loves u my dear.

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