TMZ has released screenshot images of the texts exchange between rapper, Tyga, and 14-yr-old Molly O’Malia, and they clearly exonerate the rapper.

O’Malia, a model, who is represented by Gloria Allred had said Tyga initiated contact with her first on Instagram contrary to earlier reports in December.

Speaking at a press conference about her interaction with Tyga, on Monday, January 4, Omalia said:

“I’m very upset that a story about Tyga, Kylie Jenner and me was published in OK! Magazine and I want people to know the truth. The truth is that Tyga contacted me first. He direct-messaged me on Instagram. I knew who he was, but I was surprised that he was contacting me. I thought that it could possibly be about my music but he did not mention that in his initial communication. I thought that was strange but I was thinking he would bring it up in his next message to me. However, he didn’t mention in the next message” said the 14-year-old girl in the video.

Tmz has gone on to release the screenshot images of the text exchanges between Tyga and O’Malia, clearly showing O’Malia claiming to be 17, with a very neutral tone to the conversation contrary to her claims that the rappers conversation had made her uncomfortable.




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