Nigerian music video director, ThankGod Omori Jesam, popularly known as TG Omori, and the fan who refused to accept his cash handout have taken to social media to settle their issues months after the incident occurred.

Some months back, TG Omori stirred reactions online after being captured on video offering 1k to a group of boys who rejected it. Read here.

A guy who claimed to be the individual who refused Omori’s N1,000 mocked Omori on Twitter for offering him and his buddies that little to split despite charging millions for the video shoot.

The person with the Twitter handle 1k Omori @Billar_ray stated he was still upset over the videographer’s activity from months ago and claimed the sum of money was insufficient to purchase the cannabis strain known as Loud.

He wrote;

“TG omori dey drop money wey no fit buy me loud. The matter still dey vex me 😤 TG omori go dey brag say he dey charge artiste 50million for music video

But e reach to drop money , e comot 1k for 3 boys to share. If na 3 girls hail am, he for drop 1k ?? All of una wey dey support am dey craze. 1dollar and 2cents , for 3 men to share . Ogun go kill all of una.”

The videographer did not seem pleased with the guy’s entitlement and slammed him for his statement, querying if the guy kept money with him.

He wrote;

“Ogun go kill your papa! You give me money hold for you.”

See the exchange below,

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