A viral video of a woman eulogizing her husband’s manhood has left many social media users in stitches.

In the trending video, the woman’s husband stood and just watched his wife in awe as she knelt facing his manhood, pointing at it, and showering it with praise.

The quite dramatic wife, who maintained a kneeling position all through, thanked her partner’s manhood for its eighteen years of service to her.

“You have stretched me in ways that I never thought could be stretched with your hard work and dedication. You and your two disciples have spread the love of Jesus all across.

You have made me call on the name of the Lord several times. You have been places no man has ever gone before. Thank you for bringing me to the land of milk and honey”, she said.

Watch the video below,

In other news, a woman has reportedly tied the knot with a man with two wives despite divorcing her first husband for taking a second wife.

A Twitter user, identified as Kawu Garba, who relayed the story online, said the lady sold her belongings to sponsor her husband through law school.

However, after he graduated and got a good job, he decided to marry another wife but she refused to be in a polygamous marriage and divorced him.

She sadly left the marriage empty-handed because her husband was given full custody of their three children, and she remained single for four years.

After spending a long time as a divorcee, she eventually settled to be the third wife of a man who asked for her hand in marriage.

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