Actress, Mercy Aigbe has taken to her social media page to reveal her own side of what led to her fight with businesswoman, Lara Olukotun, at an event in Lagos on Sunday, June 12.

In a statement released last night, Mercy alleged that Lara has been verbally attacking her online for a while. She said she tried to reach out to Lara to mend fences because she was an acquaintance and someone who she had patronized her business in the past. Mercy said all efforts to reach Lara prior to the Sunday incident failed.

Her post reads in parts ;

In reference to the video online: My side of the story

I have been bullied online several times by Larrit. She calls me unprintable names unprovoked, yesterday she took it a step further by physically assaulting me.

I was at a friend’s store opening to celebrate with her.

Larrit was one of the guests. This woman, for reasons best known to her, slanders me online at every opportunity she gets.

She has done many live videos and posts to this effects. I tried to reach out to her to understand what the issues were, but she chose to ignore me.

Lara and I are acquaintances. I have patronized her business and she also has done likewise.

So i was suprised and confused how she suddenly became an enemy.

I called few people close to her to understand why she would decide to be an antagonist.

All efforts proved abortive.

At the party yesterday, she started with the same energy, throwing words at me, calling me names and being disrespectful.

Initially I kept calm and people around her appealed to her to stop, yet Lara wouldn’t stop.

And so I decided to stand up for myself and I retaliated with the same energy.

It became heated and at some point she tried to throw a bottle at me., but it hit the lady sitting in front of me and there was pandemonium.

She ended her statement with an apology to anyone who felt she could have handled the situation better.

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