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In spite of the fact that few weeks ago, they were all about her, showing her love and giving her support especially when she won the ESPY award, the Kardashian clique have said to be feeling some animosity for the transgender, Caitlyn Jenner since she transitioned about five months ago.

This animosity, as was gathered seems to have erupted after the publication of a Vanity Fair issue which was released few months ago. In the issue, Cait made some statements about his ex-wife, Kris Jenner, which her children did not take likely.

US Weekly reports the story:

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‘Vanity Fair was the start of the downfall,’. ‘It came out and they looked like idiots, they first saw the article on Twitter!The Kardashians were furious once they realized she took jabs at Kris, a lot of times she wasn’t very nice,’They are so incensed that they may be done with Caitlyn for good. Everyone has turned their backs on her.’So much so that communication between the stepfather and the stepchildren has nearly stopped. Texts halted as Caitlyn distanced herself at her secluded Malibu estate.Caitlyn has this aura around her that she is better than them. The bad blood has led to a cease in communication,’ a Kardashian confidant explained to Us

They feel Caitlyn needs to understand that the platform she has now, and her money, are because of Kris. She had nothing before Kris. Don’t bite the hand that fed you.

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