Ghanaian movie star, Yvonne Nelson has opined that the love practiced by men and women in modern society is not genuine.

She revealed that she believed in the abstract sensation and would like to fall in love as an adult, but she considers the type of love many people practice these days to be a scam.

According to her, she fell in love when she was much younger but every guy she dated in the past broke her heart.
She said;

“I believe in love and I wish I could fall in love and do all the lovey-dovey stuff but I feel like the love we are practicing and the love we see around these days is all a scam. I have fallen in love before, when i was much younger but they all broke my heart”

Watch her speak below,

In other news, Yvonne Nelson shared her thoughts on Politicians as regards how they make life hard for the common man.

According to the Actress, contrary to popular opinions that Satan is the reason one’s life is hard, politicians are actually the cause of hardship in a country.

She wrote; You think Satain is on earth making your life difficult? It’s the Politician, I can ASSURE YOU OF THAT!

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