It’s a token of an unbesmirched bond between two soulmates, a significance meant to show the rest of the world that you belong to someone – wedding rings have a very strong importance in the lives of couples… Something we all know though…

They come in different shapes and sizes and designs – beautiful, glittery, rare, exotic, plain and what have you. The Elites, celebrities and royalties always have the largest and most expensive rings… At least you’d be popular if you rocked an expensive ring that’s for sure if you’re not in any of these categories.

Lets take time to see these celebrities who have the most expensive rings in the world with their prices!


Anna Kournikova: The stunning tennis star wears this beautiful centred pear cut 11-carat pink diamond with a trillion stone on each side. She was gifted by Enrique Iglesias and has a value of $2.5million.


Catherine Zeta-Jones: The actress received the 10-carat, marquise -shaped diamond that was set horizontally instead of vertically. It is surrounded by 28 diamonds. The ring was purchased by Michael Douglas and has a value of $2.5million.



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