Popular music executive, Soso Soberekon, has revealed the most recent method married guys are taking to have quick access to their side chicks without arousing suspicion or having to leave the house.

He asserted that men are now engaging their side chics to tutor their kids at home.

With the intention of assisting married ladies in learning how to find their husbands mistress, the talent manager posted this piece of information on his Instagram page.

Soso warned women to exercise caution since men have to alter their behavior in order to prevent having to walk outside and being caught in hotels or apartments.

He wrote;

“Some men are employing their side chick as their children’s home lesson teacher. Women be careful, they have changed pattern.”

A while back, Soso Soberekon highlighted the dangers of entering into marriage with an abusive partner.

In a recent Instagram post addressed to women, he urged them to pay attention to warning signs in their relationship before settling down with a man because of the things they are enjoying.

According to him, a man who beats a woman during courtship is likely to escalate and become worse when they finally get married.

He emphasized that a man who beats a woman in a relationship can potentially kill her in marriage.

Soso further added that it is unfortunate that some women ignore warning signs and end up with an abusive man because of the things they enjoy in the relationship.

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