Star of the moment, Portable has revealed plans to sleep with people’s wives.

According to the singer, his wife cheated on him because of money issues some years ago, and now that he is financially buoyant, he will make he sleeps with somebody’s wife.

The ‘zazoo’ crooner spoke in Yoruba ;

What’s going on? ( Wetin dey sup)
We’re talking about money, if you don’t have money, clear, move close to the wall.
You don’t have money, you’re aggressively tumbling on the bed, they’re having sex with you’re wife, you’re reporting; instead of you to go have sex with another man’s wife.
At this point of my life, they’ve used money to tempt and sleep with my wife some years ago and right now I’ll make sure to use money to sleep with another man’s wife too. Nothing will happen.

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  1. Look at this idiot of a being . Your career hasn’t started you are already planning on sleeping with people’s wives . Goat

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