Arrested thief demonstrates

A suspected thief has demonstrated how he gained entrance into a house through a very small window with protective bars.

Arrested thief demonstrates

A video shared online shows the moment the young man skillfully squeezed his whole body through a small opening between the protective burglary.

It was gathered that he was apprehended inside the house and was asked to show how he entered the house. He was then taken to the window he claimed to have passed through and was told to recreate the process.

Watch below,

The video has left people stunned online as they wonder how a full grown man was able to enter through a small window. Some others stated that the thief could have used his talent for a legit and more profitable venture instead of stealing.

See how some reacted below,

@orefashioncollection wrote, “Why una just like hardwork like this..this talent can be used to make an honest living”

@ble3syn wrote, “Bros went through all this stress just to steal 😂”

@i.f.e_o.l.u.w.a.p.o wrote, “Mad oh…The guy enter that small space 😳 things dey happen o”

@mc_daprince wrote, “This one supposed study criminology , waste of education”

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