A 17 year old boy had his bands chopped off with machetes after he was accused of stealing Miraa. (a Medicinal Flowering Plant).

The teenager who hails from Mporoko village, was attacked by seven men while coming from a nearby shop.

He sustained a deep cut on his head while both hands were chopped off at the wrist during the attack and is currently recuperating at Meru Teaching and Referral Hospital, Kenya.


Speaking to Nairobi News from his hospital bed, the victim said he identified the assailants who included two young men, their father and grandfather.

“I was walking home on a path next to their farm when one of the men called me. Because I knew them, I went where they were. They started accusing me of being a miraa thief. While I was defending myself, one of them jumped and cut me on the head. One of them said they should not let me go without chopping off my hands. Their father tied my hands and placed them on a post. That is when their grandfather cut one of my hands and asked his grandsons to chop them off,” he said.


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