Lagos Island's commercial district, businessmen and market people crossing the street.

A Nigerian man in bewilderment has tweeted on his nearly unbelievable experience on public transit in Lagos.

@Adeena Rhodes for that is his name on X (Twitter) shared how a fellow passenger in a small bus locally called Korope ate and wanted to use his cloth as tissue paper to clean his hands.

When he objected, with a strange audacity the other man enquired why our man was proving too big.

Lagos Island’s commercial district, businessmen and market people crossing the street.

In his words, “This dude in this korope just ate watermelon and tried to clean his hand with my cloth. I’m telling him off and the idiot is asking why I’m forming. Lagos is an unreal place.”

The comment of netizens on this post ranges from shock to amusement. Read:

@Sophia Uloma Okeafor: So what happened to your usb cord?Was it designed for fancy? Abi you no wear shoe? Aren’t you wearing belt?Must we tell you everything

@Yusuf Sakariyahu: If we check am well, e no give am chop 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂

@Nwankwo Amaka Gift: His teeth will full ground walai 😂

@Ogundimu Olajide Samuel: you really don’t know Lagos. If you find one person that is not mad here, it is because he actually escaped!

@Blessing Uchenna: U no get backhand to land am🙄

@Ubah Wendy Esther Mmadu: Maaaaaadd people everywhere

@Adanna Nappygirl Nwachukwu: 🙄🙄 things that never happened

What would have been your reaction if you were in his shoes?

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