24 year-old Jordan James Parke is the superfan of superfans. The Kim K-obsessed lad has spent over £100K on surgery in a bid to look like the reality star.

Now, after countless procedures including two nose jobs, a chin implant, 50 lip-filling operations, eyebrow tattoos, Botox injections in several areas and laser hair removal, he has transformed and he looks completely unrecognizable in pre-surgery photos.


Jordan is recovering from his latest cosmetic surgery which includes; a second nose job, a chin implant and jawline and neck liposuction all in one operation. The chin job was inspired by Kylie.

He had to fly to Portland for the nose job after his original surgeon refused him a second nose job.


Just hours after waking up, Jordan said:

“I’ve had another nose job, a chin implant and jaw line and neck liposuction. I just thought, you know what, I wanted it all done, so just get it done in one op.”

He wasn’t happy with his first nose job, felt it was “too big” so he printed photos of Kim K to show the surgeon in Portland. “I showed them a picture of Kim for my nose, and said ‘this is how I want it”.


Kim isn’t his only inspiration though.

“I wanted my chin like Kylie Jenner’s, with a really defined jawline. I love her jawline and she’s got such a sharp chin,”

It’s the whole family now, but mainly Kim. But I love them all, their looks, the way they dress, they’re just an inspiration.”

He says his next procedure will be a “Brazilian butt lift”. Predictably, his mum isn’t to happy about his excesses.

“My mum hates me getting stuff done, and my Nan hates it too. They just warned me ‘watch what you’re doing, don’t have it too small. Don’t go crazy’. But I only told them about the nose job this time. I just mentioned the chin implant, and my nan was like ‘why the hell would you have a chin implant’?” But I’m really lucky, all my family support me no matter what, even if they don’t approve with what I do. They’re all there for me.”

He said he’s not planning to stop any time soon however:

“There’s no end! There’s no end.I’m on this journey now, and it will never end, it will keep going from there. I just can’t wait to see myself in 15 years. I’ll be like Joan Rivers. I’ll defy age.”

Jordan is yet to meet the Kardashians, but he’s planning to do more filming in the States this year, he said:
“That’s hopefully going to come soon [meeting them], fingers crossed.”




Photos Before His Surgeries:








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