Ozonna, the son of the current Governor of Anambra State, Charles Soludo has recently become an internet sensation and has gotten people talking.

Ozonna was born in nigeria but he grew up in America and he is currently based in New-york where he is taking a shot at fame with his music.

His recent photos have drawn some rather unsavory comments from some Facebook users, as one Celestine opined that Charles Soludo cannot manage the state well because of the way his son turned out (WHATEVER THAT MEANS)

Celestine Onoyima wrote;

This is an evidence that Soludo will not be able to manage Anambra state very well.

Other Facebook users shared the same sentiments, below are some comments

Uc Frank wrote;

Yes, especially when he can not manage his own.

Chukwuma wrote;

Yes, especially when he can not manage his own.


  1. I wonder when Nigerians will start minding their business coz nothing is actually wrong with his son 😏we don’t focus on main issues that’s is affecting the country and deal with it first before passing judgment on someone’s son

  2. Good for him and those supporting him.

    As for those trying to score “political points” one question.

    Now that his father is the Governor of Anambra State would they rather he gives him a monopoly on all outdoor advertising, or perhaps make him the “father” of all the markets in Anambra?

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