Big Brother Naija star, Leo Da Silva has criticized the government’s incompetence in light of the tragic event in which a train crushed a BRT bus in Lagos state.

On Thursday morning a moving train collided with a state transport carrying government employees to work, resulting in a catastrophe.

The tragic accident took place at the PWD bus stop in the state’s Ikeja region, and six people have been confirmed dead by emergency responders.

A video of wounded people getting care outside of a hospital because there was no room inside was shared online.

Reacting to the development, Leo accused the government of failing to provide quality services to the community despite robbing and defrauding the vast majority.

He described Nigeria’s political system and government as being of a primitive nature.

Leo tweeted;
“I don’t know mahn, imagine having a fatal accident in a staff bus owned by the government and there is no room in the government hospital to accommodate you?
This is why I call our politics primitive. We steal, cheat and kill to serve bare minimum to the people.”

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