The Ajangbadi Police Division of the Lagos State Command on Thursday, September 15th, arrested Ifunanya Eme for dumping her newborn baby by the road side around 3am on Tuesday, two hours after delivering the baby by herself.

The 31-year-old single mother claimed she dumped the baby because she couldn’t afford to feed her as the father had abandoned her when she became pregnant.

It was gathered that a passerby alerted the police after hearing the pitiful cries of the baby. The police arrived the scene and took the baby to a nearby hospital for check up, before they initiated an investigation to discover the mother.

Their first clue came when some neighbours alerted the Divisional Police Officer, Alim Musa, a Chief Superintendent of Police, about the pool of blood trickling out of a neighbour’s house. When the police got to the residence, the suspect was seen recuperating, while the baby was nowhere to be seen.

The police questioned her once they confirmed from the neighbours that she was indeed pregnant. Ms Eme, who works as a sales person in a tricycles shop, admitted to the offence.

The suspect, who was paraded at the police command headquarters in Ikeja, Lagos, said the fut she claimed she had just gotten the job and that the pay wasn’t much.

“I gave up my daughter because I had no help and my mother is dead. I don’t even know the whereabouts of her father. The only thing I know is that he told me he was traveling. Since that day till now, the number he gave me can’t be reached.”

Source: Thisday

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  1. God have mercy my people what on earth would make this lady go through child labour and end up dumping her hmmmm she needs deliverance no 2 ways about it .when rich people are looking for just one .tears

    • @promise it’s called “FRUSTRATION”. And remember the way you think that’s not how others think, and I guess she was not thinking straight and there was no one there to put her back on track. Bu all the same I loved ur comment.

    • Guys deres nothing on earth da can justify wa she did, m a single mum, trust me it gets easier with time….. I know wa it feels like but wa she did was out f d question . plus she’s 31, I was younger , do d math.

    • Anita y won’t she take care of her do u know da d time d baby is in d womb is d hardest cos it endangers u ND her , even if it’s a petty business da she’s doing or even give her just pap… Ppl will eventually try ND help, from wa dey said shes a sales gal, she will v access to small food…. God da gave her d baby is nt stupid he will eventually make way , won’t b easy but he will….. She would v persisted… Who knows if it’s da baby da would v been her brk tru in future…. I don’t know wat else to say but dis is really hurtin me a great deal… Many ppl r asking God for a child, even one, while odas r hurting d gift God gave dem… Wat a pity

    • She’s very wicked and heartless. God will punish her…. The time she dey open her legs e dey sweet her she no know say belle go enter….. Some women are out dere looking for just one nd all she could do is to dump the one God gave to her. Wicked soul.

  2. Pls we human being should stop doing this. Even if u can sale garri sale it just to talk care of your child. And remember. One day that child will know you. At least think about d pain that u had passed through when delivering d baby.

  3. If I were you,well fuck de guy,after all I have gone through de pains,de gossips,de journey through nine months of constant struggles,I wouldn’t let dat child out of my hands for anything in de world,for a mother to do dat to her child,believe she have lost all hopes if not,kai is not possible

  4. If you can’t take care of the baby you should at least given her to someone for adoption instead of exposing her to such danger. What ever that leads a woman to trow away her baby after birth can as well make her comite suicide. The law should please tamper justice with mercy imagine the risk of going to labour without help.

  5. Her case is better bc she didn’t abort neither did she kill the baby or put her in a trash but she kept her where some one in need can take the baby n bear the responsibility just my view but not saying it’s a good act


  7. My happiness is that she didn’t abort the baby,she still have a good mind,she suffer the pain to HV d baby,no body knows her reason, must of the people judging her ,must HV committed more than 15 abortions. Judge nt

    • Really? Explain this kind of happiness to me plz…
      If not that she was caught that baby might die because cold or street dogs might bit that child or vultures feed on that baby.. Plz stop covering up evil act with silly excuses.

    • She has no genuine reason for dumping dis innocent baby, she has gone though d first stage by carrying d baby in her womb and also feeling d labour pain den wat else, Is she scared of feeding d baby or wat, is she God. If God doesn’t want d baby to come to dis world she would hav had a miscarriage b4 birth, So I really blame her she shud take d baby and nurture d child and God will see her tru

    • As for me no matter what it is I can never or even encourage such a thing God forbid it but all the same with the way she dressed the baby you should no she wants someone who needs the child the most to pick he or she up she has her reason

    • Did you know how many abortions she have done before ?? And did you know if she even try to remove d baby in the first place but luck did not shine on her that is why she reluctantly carry the pregnancy with the option of dumping the baby after birth?? If she willingly accept d pregnancy and d baby from unset she would not have dumped d child after birth. Only God knows best…. God really have plans for that baby and mother that is why he make it possible for people to catch the woman bcoz I have seen many cases where a baby is picked from street, refuse dump, pit, bush and gutter without being able to find d mother.

  8. Hm people are so wicked, after carrying he or she for 9 good months. Giving birth and now u went to go and dump the baby you are a fool, may God never give you child again nonsense. Just want to kill that lovely and beautiful innocent child for no reason. I feel like looking for you and kill you to know how it feels like to destroy soul bastard. This baby can change your life tomorrow you never can tell , do you know through this baby God can send people from know where to come and bless you. Appreciate God and wait for his reply. God never forsake his believer. …..

  9. Look what she did is wickedness.. It would have been better for her to abort d baby when it has not form into human but instead she allow it go through d pain have d baby then try to kill the baby, am judging her her excuse is not good enough why couldn’t she give up d baby for adoption or take her to d motherless baby home. If her own mother has done this wicked act to her b4 she died would she have lived to committee that act? When I had my son I went through Hell and Yes though came into my head but with d pain I went through I know it wasn’t going to be easy but I was ready to suffer I was matured enough to make d right decision. Now that son of mine is d air I breath, I will kill anybody that try to touch a hair on his head.

  10. u c y its not gud to b wit a broke ass nigga?m sure if d father has moni he wuldnt av run 4rm his responsibilities….dis r also d type of guys kulin gals dat wnt date dem bitches cos dey dnt av moni…now d result is glarin

  11. Every mum in one way or the other want the best for their kids…I’m not understanding why she’s been arrested.. This has probally been her plan even before the baby showed up because of the situation of things
    If the father of that child was either wealthy or even there for them, I don’t ever think she’d do such
    So can the NIGERIAN POLICE release that woman and ask her how they can be of HELP!!

  12. Nawaooo wat kind of life is dis nah?even if u had it in mine of dumping d baby after delivery,i dont tink u will still go ahead n do it after goin tru labour hmmmm.u can amagin d kind of joy mothers do ve afer pushing out dear baby successfuly d pains will nt longer b dere cos of d present of dt baby.Babies are priceless may God forgive u,u dnt ve an excuse here.

  13. Stupid idiot! So if u resulted that there was no means of catering for the child, why didn’t u go round to enquire how u could give up the child for adoption? So many people are out there looking for a child to love… Instead of dumping the child in a horrible location. The thought and feeling abandoned must have weighed u down but this act u committed was so idiotic! What did the innocent child do to deserve this biko

  14. Make una give her back her babe and look for d man Dat put her in Dat condition why are woman always d victim of dis act? Well Dat is nt reason to for ladies to kill or dump their babies oooo dnt get me wrong

    • If she want d babe dead she would hv aborted d babe long ago my dear. U dnt kn wat our ladies go Tru in d hands of useless men who impregnate dem and push dem out. Let dem Give back d babe to her, look for Dat idiot and make him take responsibility of his action. Trust me no woman wants to kill her child if d man who puts her in Dat condition takes care of her.

  15. OMG ds is wickedness and sh is so heartless.. Wat did ds innocent soul did to you dt u ar hardened to him or her ds way? Sm people are out there crying to evn c a sign of pregnancy.. God blessed u with ds beautiful soul and ur ar paying him evil for good.. After nine months of the pregnancy and safe delivery #crying

  16. Nne u no try no matter what, u have carried d baby, people must gossip, u re bin rejected becus of d problem bt God has neva failed, he saw u trou all dis month of pains and sorrows. Even at d point of delivery, u gave birth safely. D same God will neva turn his back on u since u didn’t abort d baby, so y will u act like dat, is unfair dear, it hurts after bin rejected. I was abandoned by my ex becus i was preg, my family rejected me, it was only my mum dat cater for me, but today my family doesn’t joke wit my baby, she clocked 2yrs yestrday, i was thanking God yestrday i remebered everytin dat happened bt i kw what i have is much bigger, if u re given d chance to take d baby back, ask God and d baby for forgiveness, treat d baby like an egg, God wil surely see u trou

  17. Wicked mother!
    There’s no justification for your action!
    Why bring the lil babe to come and suffer in this world, knowing fully well that you’re not ready?!
    You’re worse than a monster!

  18. Before a woman will take a wrong move she has been crying, complaining, women are not heartless I do blame the man who got her pregnant those who are judging her should stop because you people are not God

  19. If she want d babe dead she would hv aborted d babe long ago my dear. U dnt kn wat our ladies go Tru in d hands of useless men who impregnate dem and push dem out. Let dem Give back d babe to her, look for Dat idiot and make him take responsibility of his action. Trust me no woman wants to kill her child if d man who puts her in Dat condition takes care of her.

  20. Some pipl are crying all day night l, see u as u no no wetin God do for u dats y no b ur fault na. Even if u no like d belle as u see b baby d joy alone suppose make u change ur mind and even if u no get wetin u for take train am its still better u kip am for motherless home with their consent and u go dey come check am bringing small small tins until ur hand strong u come carry d baby but na wa ooo for some. Women get diff mind sha thank God d baby is safe and she go realize he mumuness.

  21. Why can’t u take him to motherless baby home since u know u can take care of him than to drop him in a West been u are not wealthy to be call a mother am not judging u but that the fart

  22. Take kare of ur baby God will see u thru I understand dy wy u fell. Bt 4 d mad man it will never be well wit him. Take ur Baby it’s ur Blood it’s ur Blessing u sufer it don’t even 1 2 luk back thank God 4 wt he has givein 2 u may d gud God Bless u & ur Baby

  23. God is the giver why worried of how to cater for the baby,he know all,even before giving you that baby,he known your suffering and by this baby you will put smile on your face.God have mercy on you

  24. I dnt no why after 9months of pregnancy,after the pain a woman have to pass true in labor,the next tin is for u dumped that child in the road side why,this is why some women could’t have a child after marriage cos what da did in passed hot them in the present….

  25. Any man that has put a lady in n family way deny her or even encourage her to go for abortion and any lady who has practice abortion have no right to judge or even insult this lady because somebody might pick that child up and give the child a life but U that have aborted urs ,and still come here to talk trash is the biggest idiot on earth as for U the lady U could look for motherless baby and give out the child for adoption.

  26. so u r not happy seeing ur first child, u r an irresponsible being and need to be punish . not even the first cry of the baby could melt ur heart . u as the mother could take care of ur baby without the guy involved .U r a big disgrace to woman Hood

  27. If u CNT trace d father of ur child, at ur age u should b able to kip ur child, y go tru d pains of labour if u knew u will dump d child wen orphanage homes re der. The Toto wey u tk born DT baby no pain u DTS y.

    • So u would do same right, innocent child, dis is evil,witchcraft, my dear there are things u dnt say in public OK.if she is not okay with that y not get rid of the pregnancy wen young,carry her 9months,push her ur self, heard her cry,saw her,yet u dnt have conscience, motherly love, my dear you are not human, u r matter what, dat child does not deserve dat,may God have mercy on you.

  28. Ladies,just take a Luke at this, wonder share never end my God deliver us,l can imaging a woman who have sex and got pregnant and carry it for 9th and have panis through delivery process. And dump the baby by the road side, my good people of Nigeria what could be the reward of this woman.

  29. You dey crace i can blame you na god wey he no let person talk if you marry now if you no born you go say na your step mother she know let you born neusance person dey find baby she no get you go put your baby to Road side god go harmer you

  30. Am speechless cos at my age I can’t really tell what it’s like to be a mother but all I know is that u are not a good mother coz me as a girl is proud of my mother. I don’t really know what made you act like that but you would have thought about the future. So sorry for u dear and at the same time disappointed.

  31. That’s not fair , u could v abort it not after all the suffering and discomfort u went thru and u went and dump the baby , or rather take the baby to the motherless babies home it would v been better ,

  32. God where are you? so many families are looking up to you for just a child, and you are giving to someone who can’t take care of one? Is this fair?

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