A married woman who had lied to the husband that she was going on a trip to South Africa to see her sister has ended up selling her body. She was exposed after engaging in a fight with another prostitute identified as Molly in the Avenues area of Zimbabwe because of a client.

According to H-Metro, in her desperate protest against Millicent for venturing in her ‘catching area’ Molly approached Civil Courts for a peace order since they were accommodated in the same apartment at Ledo Court in room 18.

Molly revealed that she clashed with Millicent after she lured one of her paying clients when she had indicated to her that he was her client.

“Millicent is married which means she has someone to look after her but we accommodated her in our room after she informed us that she wanted to raise money for her maternity fees since she is expecting,” said Molly.

“Millicent disclosed that she lied to her husband that she was visiting her relative in South Africa after I threatened to make a complaint to the police after she assaulted me.

“Her husband is not aware that she comes here for prostitution; varume makapusa chaizvo tiri kuswera navo vakadzi vevanhu muno mumaAvenues.

“Ngaagare kumba kwake kwete kuuya kuzotitorera maclients edu. I took the case before civil courts and come Thursday I will be with her.”

“Clients are few these days so I could not let my client have quality time with someone who is married anoda kudya kwese sei? Ndine vanawo vanoda kufundiswa.

“She is ever quarrelling with me so I saw it better to apply for a peace order so that she will be barred from entering our room and see if she can move around the Avenues looking for accommodation.

“Because of few clients being affected by cash we have found a way of cutting costs by having one room accommodating more than five ladies.

“We divide the room with a curtain so that anenge awana mhene yake oibatsira pakavanda,” said Molly.



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