Socialite Pretty Mike

Nigerian socialite, Mike Nwogu better known as Pretty Mike, has opined that anyone who knows more than three stingy people begs too much.

Taking to his Instastory, the controversial media personality asserted that if someone can pinpoint at least three stingy people, then the person is a serial beggar because one can only know if someone is close-fisted after requesting for money

“If you know more than three stingy guys, that means you beg too much,” he tweeted.

See his post below,

A while back, Pretty Mike, in his usual fashion has caused a stir as he attended the burial ceremony of Music producer, Don Jazzy, as he arrived at the venue with at least eight women all clad in pants that featured large p*nises with testicles.

The burial ceremony which took place on October 7, was attended by a lot of elites and Pretty Mike was no exception. Watch a video of his entrance below

In other news, Pretty Mike, as is his custom, drew attention to himself at the wedding ceremony of a comedian — the internet celebrity stormed the party with semi-nude ladies who depicted the story of Jesus carrying the cross and being flogged as he made his way to Golgotha.

In videos that were shared online, one of the ladies who depicted ‘Jesus’ is seen putting on a white outfit and wore a thorn on her head as she carried a “cross” while the other ladies “flogged” her.

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