Nigerian comedienne, Princess has called out some of her colleagues in the industry for failing to help publicize her upcoming show.

In a video she shared online, the comedienne said she reached out to a number of these people and they failed to help her publicize her show while some of them gave excuses.

She said,

“I made this video specifically for some people. So my show is five days away and I have been trying my best to publicise it and all that, but to my shock and greatest surprise, the people that I really really expected to help me post it, they did not even post it on their pages. So instead of calling each of them one after the other, I decided to do this video so that they would know the way I feel.

People like TeeA, Gbenga Adeyinka, Alibaba, Julius, people that gave me mind that we are right behind you. They did not even post to tell people about my show. The people that are even on the bill, my son Jaywon, he did not post it. I don’t think I have seen it on Vector’s page. I called Josh2Funny, he said he posted it but I don’t know. I personally called Arole, he didn’t post it.

No wahala, whether you post it or not, the show would come and go.

I even forgot Buchi the comedian. Welldone! Nothing I will do that I will ask you to post, you will be forgetting or will tell me you didn’t see it. Since you moved to the Island and made new friends, you now act as if you don’t have a past.”

Princess who was now getting teary said

Times like this I miss Sultan. I am so stressed

Watch the video she shared,

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  1. Princess that is human being for you. Don’t be too emotional you will overcome. Life is in phases, I can feel your pains but God only can comfort you. Go on your knee and pray to God. Man can fail when you need them but God can never fail. That show will be a success just believe in God almighty. Go and conquer,it is well.

  2. Princess I have always had this going for me in life and i quote “ALL MY FOR HIMSELF GOD FOR ALL OF US”ALL BETTER STILL ALL MALLAM WITH HIM KETTLE…Be strong dear life na dice i guess the issue u are having with baba ijesha could also be the spoiler cos i learnt u were pleaded with to let go of the case but ur strong will be persevere keeps u moving until justice is served…It is indeed a good thing u called all of them out bcos as the saying goes one good turn decides another…My dear we muuuuve…

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