US-based Nigerian singer and dancer, Korra Obidi’s ex-husband, Justin Dean, has shared new details of their estranged relationship while clearing misconceptions about him.

During a recent live session, Justin Dean stated that he’s finally coming out to share his own side of the story because he’s tired of the lies.

According to Dean, Korra has made several false accusations against him in the past for her own financial gains. He claimed she sold different lies about him over the past two years to boost her earnings on Facebook.

Contrary to Korra’s allegations, Dean maintained that he was a devoted husband who dedicated his life to her happiness and the growth of her career.

Recounting how they met, Dean revealed that they met at a club in China, and their love blossomed within weeks.

He shared that during that time, Korra faced financial challenges, and her job hardly allowed her to pursue her passion for singing and dancing. It was then that he advised her to explore content creation to fully unleash her talents.

He later decided to relocate to Los Angeles solely because of Korra, as the city is renowned for its thriving entertainment industry.

He stressed that he provided unwavering moral support to Korra, particularly during times when she felt disheartened by the initial low engagement on her content creations.

He claimed he actively participated in her content creation journey, assisting with filming, editing, and brainstorming ideas to make her content more appealing to online audiences.

However, he claimed that despite his supportive efforts, she changed completely after she achieved success, which ultimately led to the crash of their marriage.

Sharing the video on his Facebook page, he wrote, “Time to defend myself and tell my side of story, I’m tired of the lies”.

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