Ghanaian actor and preacher, Majid Michel has countered the dogmatic claims of Nigerian OAP, Daddy Freeze who’s assertive that tithing in Churches is wrong and not a commandment of God.

Daddy Freeze‘s Instagram, which was once upon a time a place where people would be tormented by the exotic timepieces he showed off, has now become a place for his #FreeTheSheeple movement, where he makes certain principles about modern day Christianity especially in Nigeria.

One of those principles which he stresses on most times is that the act of tithing or paying tithes to Pastors is a form of robbery on the parts of the pastors.

According to Freeze, the commandment of tithing was not for us but for some priests in the old testaments.

Man of God although not ordained, Majid Michel has countered these claims, stating that God has commanded all to pay tithes into his house that food may abound and more importantly for the welfare of the poor.

He however commented that even though some men of God do not use the tithes as commanded, that does not mean we should disobey or rob God by renouncing the payment of tithes.

Freeze has since responded to the actor as he took to his page to share a photo of the actor and wrote:

Dear @majidmichelmm, the leader of the #FreeNation greets you and brings glad tidings.

You wrote a piece on tithing that a lot of people tagged me in.

Let me address this here, and properly!

Although you raised some valid points about your tithe belonging to the poor. I will still say you were still a bit economical with the truth, with regards to giving it to a Church, especially those churches whose GOs own private jets, yet their schools are unattainable to this same poor you are talking about, with many members unemployed, facing serious financial challenges.

Acts 4:35 tells us that the disciples shared the offering equally with every believer, yet daddy GOs fly their jets alone; WHY?

Listen guys, neglecting the poor and needy, has the dire consequence of Everlasting HELLFIRE! Read from Mat25:32 Not paying tithe has no biblical consequence TO A CHRISTIAN!

Malachi 3:8-10 was addressed to the priests, NOT to us, as they were robbing God of the 10% of the tithes they were to bring to the storehouse as instructed in Nehemiah 10:38

Paying tithe to a church is NOT a ‘Christian’ practice, as Jesus never collected tithes and our first pastors, the 12 disciples didn’t collect it either.

As a matter of fact, tithe was not collected by any church for 600 years after Christ’s crucifixion, so how did tithing find its way into modern day Christianity? Some greedy thieves must have introduced it to favor themselves and their ridiculous jet set lifestyles.

Furthermore, your tithe is supposed to be eaten as directed by God in Deut 14:22-26 for the firsts 2 years! It’s the third year’s tithing that belongs to the levites, NOT PASTORS, levites so tithing is not even supposed to be a monthly practice!

Also, the church is NOT a building, as many of you are confused into believing please refer to Acts 7:48 and Acts 17:24.

YOU ARE THE CHURCH. So the notion of giving tithe to a man on the pulpit, inside a building is absolutely false!

Majeed, you are right in the sense that the poor should be given the tithe but why give it to a church if you want it to get to them…… don’t you know any poor people you can give it to directly? ~FRZ


  1. Daddy freez as no spiritual knowledge he is teaching of man understanding worldly wisdom and not of holy spirit which is foolishness unto God, I pity those going to his church blind leader can only lead his followers into a pit and some people with little understanding will believed him, the Bible tell us about the Isaac that sowed…. And became great…….I hate foolish people calling themselves man of God.

  2. I wish I’m living closer with this foolish man daddy freez calling himself man of God misleading the people of God, I will go and beat the hell out of him….. I hate famous foolish people.

    • Some people are daft”what does what daddy freez said”has to do with spiritual understanding? Who that think u have spiritual understanding are u are spirit or living being?Nonsense Argument

  3. kabiyesi or slave whichever one u re … why so pained tho? the bible verses backing up his claims aint from his diary are they? lol … #DontBeSheep mr man

  4. Daddy freez u lack spiritual maturity and understanding, the poor you will have with you always says the Bible, if Abraham paid tithe and has a sworn blessing from Melchizedek then we as Abraham children needs to practice it, Malachi 3:10, bring your tithe to the store house that there be meet in my house, prove me therewith if I will not open the windows of heavens for you, I will pour you out a blessings that there will be no room enough to contain it….. So wat your Onw business to Monitor Wat the money will be use for?? Is the pastors the Author of the Bible or are they the ones to open the windows of heavens for members, Oga freez 2Chronicle 20:20 said believe in the word of thy lord that you shall be established and believe in his Prophet that you shall prosper, so it’s my choice to be prosper by obedience

  5. Did God seek our permission before HE sent HIS son JESUS CHRIST for the salvation of the world, no. So how do we think that it is the tithe we are paying that is making us to prosper? There are many people who pay this tithes and yet still live in abject poverty. Through out the duration of Christ’s existence in this world, He never mentioned about this, instead, He fought and condemned mostly the chief priests, the levite and the synagogue council members for using the torah to hoodwink the poor people of God. He only particularized in teaching us to take care of the needy and the poor in our midst. I see tithing as hoodwinking the poor.

  6. More so, somewhere in the scripture, God asked, what house do you think you can build for me that i do not have, and what gift do you think you can offer me that i have not given to you. What is very paramount to GOD is that we take care of the people around us who can not take care of themselves. This alone gladdens GOD’s heart.

  7. Some people are daft”what does what daddy freez said”has to do with spiritual understanding? U that think u have spiritual understanding are u a spirit or living being?Nonsense Argument

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